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Ruby on Rails Engineer


Ruby on Rails Engineer

Permanent | Dublin | Ireland

What we do:

Clinch makes recruitment marketing software. Our customers are enterprise companies with hundreds, if not thousands, of job positions to fill. We give those companies the tools to attract, identify, nurture, and hire the best candidates for them — candidates who would not normally make a job application.

What you would do at Clinch:

  • Above all, design, code, test, and ship on a daily basis. We move fast to meet the needs of our customers and our sales team.
  • Be part of a small engineering team where you get to be an influencer and make a difference. 
  • Write clean code. Complicated code is easy to write but simple code is difficult. We critique each other's code and suggest improvements on a daily basis. 
  • Place a strong emphasis on testing. At Clinch, we write twice as much test code as production code to ensure a high standard and to facilitate changing business needs. 
  • Work in an environment with minimal prescribed process. This means we don't micromanage, and we require team members to take ownership over features in our platform and get them to production. 
  • Make your own estimates, share your updates at a daily standup, and demo your work each week.
  • Share your programming challenges early. At Clinch, we don't go down programming rabbit-holes when faced with a tricky problem. Instead we pause programming, have an informal meeting or whiteboard session and work together to formulate a solution.
  • Work at a sustainable pace using top of the range equipment

Our Technology:

The majority of our platform is a Ruby on Rails web application, using a MySQL database for storage, running on Ubuntu Linux. Our infrastructure runs on AWS. We use MiniTest and Webdriver to relentlessly test our code. We use Capistrano, and GitLab to deploy our software to production, several times a day. It's not usual for us update our production server 50-100 times a week, with no downtime.

Our Philosophy

We work hard to keep our process and system simple so that we can ship features as fast as possible. That means being disciplined about code standards, code reviews and testing, even when nobody else is looking! If a technology reduces the company's ability to make sales and delight customers, we say no to it.

What we require:

We're looking for someone who can hit the ground running. A full stack Ruby on Rails engineer would be ideal - that means having a working knowledge of HTML/Javascript, Ruby, Rails, HTTP, databases, and servers. 

We value a university degree and at least a few years experience shipping web software.

If you tick most of the boxes but have one or two gaps in knowledge, we're willing and happy to teach on the job.

Why join Clinch?

Clinch aims to be the best recruitment marketing platform in the business. We have the passion and the product to dominate an industry that is ripe for change. Our founding team has set the wheels in motion, and now, we're focused on building out the team that will help us see our plans to fruition. 

Join us on our journey!

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Where we work


We're located in Dogpatch labs in the Financial District of Dublin. 


Dogpatch Labs is a coworking space home to other companies such as CoderDojo, Pivotal Labs and NuoDB. Dogpatch hosts lots of great community events and meetups. The new urban garden upstairs is a great place to grab lunch or play a game of ping pong!


The surrounding area is full of great places to eat and things to do. Georges dock next door is the venue for Christmas Markets, Octoberfest and lots of other fun festivals.

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