Work at Clinch


We want to change how companies attract talent

Every company in the world needs talented people. But the process of getting that talent is outdated, time intensive, people intensive, hard to measure, hard to know what's working and far more art than science.


We are building software that helps transform Talent Acquisition into a mainstream marketing activity, the way Hubspot did for inbound marketing.

We are product focused

We are at our heart a product company. Every decision we make is guided by the principals of making great software. We work as one: marketing tells our story, sales listens to our customers, engineering manufactures the goods and customer success makes sure it's fit for purpose. No matter what your role here at Clinch is: you're in Product.

We test our code and deploy regularly

We push regular updates to production – double digits every single day. We even run our own in-house dedicated Gitlab and docker infrastructure to allow us to completely control our test environments, while keeping our deploy keys inside our firewall. Our codebase is well maintained, with a test coverage above 99.5%.

We care about security

Keeping our customers' data secure is the most important thing that we do. We go to considerable lengths to ensure that all data sent to Clinch is handled securely. Read more about our security and download our security architecture paper to find out all the details.

We are an enterprise cloud company

Our product isn't $50 a month. We're building an enterprise product for clients that are big: just like our data! Our product is capturing information that nobody else in our industry is. Its practical and incredibly valuable to our customers. If you like data, you'll like it here.

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How did Forbes describe us?

"Clinch connects a company’s careers site, content, recruiter, and candidate in a tightly integrated software solution that’s unlike anything else on the market."


We're advised by some of the best 

Developed under the guidance of a select group of world-renowned recruitment advisors and talent acquisition leaders, Clinch was built on the knowledge that improved information flow between candidates and employers leads to better-fit, more engaged employees and decreased churn. Clinch brings together the most advanced content marketing and talent acquisition technology in one innovative, end-to-end recruitment marketing solution. 

Where we're located

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Dublin, Ireland 


Our product is built and run out of Dublin, Ireland.

We're hiring for positions in Engineering and Sales here.

New York, USA


Our newest office is located in the Garment District area of New York.

We're hiring for positions in sales and pre-sales engineering here.